Vacant Land

Buying land in the mountains around Asheville, North Carolina is like no other real estate transaction you may have ever been involved in before. The act of finding, viewing and determining the positives and negatives of a prospective piece of land is entirely different from the process involved with buying residential properties. Let us help guide you through the pitfalls associated with purchasing vacant land or vacant building lots.

Following is a list of services provided by Baldwin Real Estate for those clients searching for land in the mountains of Western North Carolina:

Knowing How Land Lays in WNC

In our experience with selling and developing land tracts, we have found that most sensible people historically subdivided large parcels of land up along common topographical features. Such features might include ridgelines or creek beds, another common boundary might be along old barbed wire fencing present from old farming uses, the list goes on and on. Being able to read these topographical features and correlate them when referencing a property’s survey or tax map can help you, the client, make sense of a property’s boundaries and whether or not you are looking at the correct piece of land.

GPS Mapping in Asheville, NC

Can provide GPS mapping in Asheville, NC for better visual representation and topographical analysis.

Industry Professionals in Asheville

We work closely with surveyors, soil scientists, and civil engineers for land planning and erosion control plans.

Grading in Asheville, NC

We also have contacts with some of the best land excavating contractors in the area to help determine the feasibility of constructing roads and placing home sites on a parcel of land.

Permitting in Asheville, NC

Our knowledge on gaining the necessary permits for land development, including, but not limited to, septic approvals and building permits, from local governmental agencies will help you move forward quickly with the purchase of your land tract.

Utility Easements in WNC

We can help you navigate the process for obtaining utility and access easements, if not currently located on or deeded to a land tract.

Custom Home Builders in Asheville

If your dream includes the construction of a custom home on a land tract, we can provide a list of qualified home builders in the area to turn your dreams into reality.

Personalized Service in Asheville, NC

Last, but not least, you will always work with one agent. YOUR agent will always handle your transaction and will always be your point of contact. Never will you be unable to obtain answers related to your situation because a closing agent, post closing agent, scheduling agent or secondary buyer�s agent has not performed their duty. Do not get lost in the sea of clients at those larger firms. You should demand and expect nothing less than the full and personalized handling of your affairs by YOUR agent.