“Baldwin Real Estate has provided responsive and efficient property management services to our community for more than 10 years.  Baldwin’s professional network and breadth of experience are invaluable to our Board for bids and proposals, contractor management, budgeting, and handling the myriad day-to-day details for 200+ units.”

-Tom, HOA Board Member (Asheville, NC)

“Baldwin Real Estate Inc, in the role of property manager for our mixed use home owners association can be best described as competency in action. We have benefited greatly from their leadership in property management as they demonstrate daily what I think of as the three “Rs”; Regulatory, legal and financial compliance, response to required and planed maintenance, and Relationships with owners and officers. We learned of Baldwin through our CPA whose practice specializes in serving numerous home owners associations. He gave me the assurance that Baldwin was tops in the timeliness and accuracy of their financial reports. From our very first month with Baldwin, reports have been accurate and submitted to our board the last day of the month being reported or the first of the following month. Of course, we found that they are about a lot more than accounting. We consider ourselves fortunate to be their client.”

-Richard, Association President (Asheville, NC)

“Baldwin Real Estate epitomizes service and accountability.  They have guided and assisted us in saving our community which had been neglected for years. Our previous management could not provide any reports to track our expenses or cash on hand.  In addition, several accounts had gone into arrears without any accountability.  We switched to Baldwin Real Estate approximately four years ago and our customized reports are available in PDF format via e-mail by the 5th of each month.  They provide full detail of what has been paid and the invoices for full disclosure.  All accounts are kept current and bylaws are enforced.  Baldwin Real Estate backs up their accountability with amazing service.  Our associational board meets with Baldwin Real Estate bi-monthly and receives guidance in making necessary repairs and improvements to our community.  They return calls or emails to anyone in our community within hours.  Due to the guidance and assistance of Baldwin Real Estate our community has become a desirable South Asheville community again.  Baldwin Real Estate has our board of director’s full support and gratitude for their guidance, service and accountability.”

-Janice, President (South Asheville, NC)

“After spending four years at another property management company, the Board voted to move our account to Baldwin Real Estate two years ago. I can honestly say Baldwin Real Estate Inc. has more knowledge, experience, leadership, integrity and customer service that any of the other companies in Western NC. They set the new standard for others to follow, and we are glad to be a part of the Baldwin Real Estate Management Family.”

-Amy, President Townhome Community (Fletcher, NC)

“Baldwin Real Estate Inc showed us how to save money and improve overall home values. We faced a tough situation with having to pass an increase in dues. They worked to show our condominium association how the average in the area was higher than we currently were paying. It helped to have a Management Company that not only understood our problem, then helped us explain and solve it with our community. When it comes to service for our community, Baldwin Real Estate delivers.”

-Burt, HOA President (Arden, NC)