Selling Real Estate

The process of selling your property hinges primarily on getting the word out to prospective buyers. Here at Baldwin Real Estate, Inc. we employ the following marketing tactics in advertising your property.

Real Estate & the Internet

According to a 2007 National Association of Realtors study, 84% of all buyers in the real estate market used the internet as a tool in locating properties and real estate agents. In response to this growing marketing tool and its international scope, Carolina Mountain Realty & Development has invested heavily in its website and online marketing initiatives.

Offline Advertising in Asheville, NC

Though internet marketing is the primary marketing tool of choice, we also have full color display ads placed monthly in Homes & Land magazine which has a large local distribution and can also be seen on the internet.

Virtual Tours

Through the use of online virtual tours we are able to give prospective buyers a complete view of your property’s unique characteristics and feel. A moving snapshot of the interior and exterior spaces of your property, coupled with a complete description of the scene, allows the prospective buyer an intimate knowledge of your property from the comfort of their own home. These virtual tours can also be burned to CD-ROMS for distribution through the mail.

Open Houses in Asheville, NC

For residential clients we also provide Open Houses periodically through the term of the listing agreement.

GPS Mapping

For land clients, we can provide comprehensive GPS maps, helping give prospective buyers a great visual representation of your property’s unique features and landmarks all overlaid on a USGS Topographical map.

Multiple Listing Service for Asheville, NC (MLS)

All listings will be placed on the Asheville Regional MLS system, with links to your property’s virtual tour and our Centralized Showing Services which helps automate the process of setting up showings and receiving feedback from showing agents.

Experience in the Asheville Real Estate Markets

You can put to work our years of experience in both the real estate and construction markets to help you get the deal and peace of mind that you deserve.

Large Scale Marketing Plans for Asheville, NC

In the event that your real estate sales demand a more aggressive marketing plan containing national media exposure and custom websites, Carolina Mountain Realty & Development has the professionals for the job.