GPS Maping in Western North Carolina

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In order to give my clients the best possible idea of the land tract they are looking at and some sense of orientation, I use my GPS unit. What is a GPS unit and what does it do? The abbreviation GPS stands for Global Positioning System and was initially used by the US Military for a number of applicable uses. Recently, within the past decade or so, it has become very popular in the private sector for a number of uses, both professional and recreational.

How a GPS Works

etrexHere is how it works. The user has a hand held unit or receiver which tracts the signal from at least four different satellites orbiting the earth. From these signals the receiver can determine a user’s location, speed, altitude and direction of travel. What does that mean to you the client? Simply put, I can use the GPS unit to create maps of existing roads and to plot the location of existing structures or terrain features. I can use the data to determine a properties aspect and the direction that the land faces. By using the data the GPS unit records and then over laying this information on a USGS Quad, sometimes referred to as a topographical map, I can provide my clients with a detailed map of the land tract they are viewing. With this map my clients gain a better understanding of the particular piece of land they are considering and that property’s distinguishing characteristics; not to mention a better sense of orientation. Now they have a map that shows where that old farm house is located, or where that beautiful waterfall was located, etc.. For a more detailed discussion of the Global Positioning System please click here