Association Management

We excel where other property management firms fail. How do we do this? With an extreme detail to follow up and flawless execution of our duties.

association-managementHave you ever called your management company just to never have your call returned? Has your manager told you that they would take care of a maintenance request just to have the request go unfulfilled? At Baldwin Real Estate we make sure that every call is returned and every request satisfied.

We also pride ourselves on our book keeping and financial planning for our Associations.

Abbreviated List of Services Provided

  • Acquisition of monthly maintenance fees.
  • Acquisition of assessments, late charges, fines and other fees due.
  • Deposit moneys into operating account, capital reserve accounts or money market accounts.
  • Maintain detailed financial records of all income and expenses. These statements include a balance sheet, month to date budget, year to date budget. Owners paid ahead and owners in arrears.
  • Track and maintain maintenance requests from owners. Repairs over amount agreed upon by Board of Directors and Property Management will be submitted to the Board for Approval after obtaining 3 bids.
  • Maintenance will be handled frequently.
  • 24 hour help line.
  • Contract and oversee maintenance via independent contractors and employees if necessary.
  • Maintenance will include all common areas such as, grounds, parking lots, street lighting, garages, swimming pools, club houses, tennis courts etc.
  • Attend Board meetings, work with Board President and Board of Directors assisting with various duties of Board Officers.
  • Recommend yearly budget for Board Approval.
  • Prepare and mail Annual Meeting Notices, Proxies, and Agendas.
  • Weekly property inspections. Usually two or more.
  • Weekly site mail box pickups.
  • Monthly or quarterly newsletter if requested.

Other services as requested by the Board such as copies, rule violations letters, updated resident directories, bank mortgage forms etc.